UAE Plants

  • JVI - Liquid Orals Plant
    Annual capacities: 94 million bottles of syrup, suspensions and drops Inaugurated in 2001, the Liquid Orals plant manufactures liquid dosage forms using sophisticated, world-class…
  • JVII - Biotech EPO Plant
    Annual capacities: 200 grams of erythropoietin, equivalent 10 million vials Julphar has launched one of the most advanced biopharmaceutical facilities in the region and has joined the elite…
  • JVIII - Liquid and Lyophilized Plant
    Annual capacities: 45 million ampoules, 5 million vials The Liquid and Lyophilized plant is a facility dedicated to the filling of liquid and lyophilized vials. Using state-of-the-art…
  • JIX - Cephalosporin Sterile Powder Filling Plant
    Annual capacities: 30 million units The Cephalosporin Sterile Powder Filling plant is a facility dedicated to the filling of dry powder injection vials. Using state-of-the-art equipment…
  • JX - Semi Solid Dosage Forms Plant
    Annual capacities: 60 million tubes of creams and ointments, 200 million suppositories The Semi Solid Dosage Forms plant is one of the latest additions to the Julphar facilities portfolio.…